The Other Side Reviews on "Replaced By Robots"

Nicole Mendes of The Other Side Reviews has again written a thoughtful commentary on my music with her review of my new single “Replaced By Robots”.   Here is her take on the track's music:

  • “I’ll be honest, US-based Unca John is no Mick Jagger, but he has the economics professor swag and highly relatable songs that Jagger doesn’t. With a high-spirited blend of power-pop and folk in a pool of indie-rock, Unca John sets the stage with a catchy bounce. The melody is smooth and soothing, but a bite breaks through the gentleness giving it a grittier edge. From pounding drums to dynamic guitars and slivers of keys cutting in around the chorus, ‘Replaced By Robots’ has the classic indie-rock tone with a contemporary vibe.”

And her take on the lyrics:

  • “One aspect I find intriguing about Unca John is the laidback but brutally honest lyricism. ‘Replaced By Robots’ confronts the impact of technology on the workplace sharing how robots “never need a vacation/ never need a break” which is fantastic if you’re the employer but not so fantastic if you’re the employee. Yet, the poignancy of this topic is lightened with the deadpan humour evoking giggles with “I need another doughnut/ I need another tax cut”."  

Read the full review here:

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