Reviews from Plastic Magazine and Artisti Online

The reviews of “Replaced By Robots” keep rolling in.  The British blog Plastic Magazine has a thoughtful review that considers both the lyrics and music in detail.  They describe the former as “a delightful mix of humour and social commentary, poking fun at the idea of robots never needing breaks, vacations, or drug tests, while humans scramble to adapt to this technological takeover.”  They describe the song's music as “a playful indie rock composition, exuding a classic power pop charm wrapped in a retro aesthetic. Energetic and lively, the music is driven by fuzzy guitar tones and a dynamic drumbeat peppered with a cowbell.”   Here is the full review:

Meanwhile, the Italian blog Artisti Online sharply observes the song's underlying tension:  “The melodic line is lively and when we get to the chorus we are joined by a surreal atmosphere with Beach Boys-like choruses that disguise the seriousness of the subject matter. In fact, behind this apparent radiance lies a very precise criticism of the excessive application of technology.”   Here is the full review:

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