"Replaced By Robots" reviewed in Thoughts Words Action

Thoughts Words Action is a music blog specializing in edgy rock, ranging from hardcore punk to alternative and indie rock.  Somehow they made room for the retro power pop of my latest single “Replaced By Robots” and have offered a very nice review.   Surprisingly (for me at least!) they are very impressed with my vocals:  

At the heart of this track is Unca John’s exceptional vocal performance. His versatility shines as he effortlessly navigates between low, mid, and high notes, captivating listeners with his mesmerizing delivery. Through his singing, he creates an atmosphere of luxury and allure, drawing the audience in with his catchy themes, leads, melodies, chord progressions, and riffs.”  

I feel like my songs work in spite of my vocals, not because of them, but maybe they sound good compared to the average modern grunge tune.  In any event, they go on to dissect different elements of the instrumental track and the writing--overall a very thorough review that suggests intelligent listening.  I recommend that you read it all! 


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