Some say they can see you
In the shadows of trees.
Some say they can call you
When they fall to their knees.
Some say they can feel you
In the steeples and spires.
Some say they can hear you
Sing along with the choir.


I’ve been trying to find you
In the books that I’ve read.
But all that you’ll tell me
Are just songs in my head.
I’ve been trying to reach you
With the prayers that I’ve said.
But all that I’m hearing
Are just songs in my head.

Some say they can sense you
In the silence of night.
Some say they can see you
In the prisms of light.
Some say that you’re dancing
To the music of spheres.
Some say that they’ve known you
For ten thousand years.


Some show their devotion
With poems and prose.
Some search for connection
By holding a pose.
Some care for the homeless.
Some sit in the pews.
Some walk in the desert.
Some shout the good news.