1. Honey Girl


You’ve been on my mind, honey girl.
Everything’s a sign, honey girl.
I want to take you out, honey girl.
Want to see what you’re about, honey girl.
And when you told me you were hoping I’d call...aah oooh yeah.

It feels so right, honey girl.
Walking through the night, honey girl.
Your lips are so sweet, honey girl.
When I’m with you I feel complete, honey girl.
And when you told me that you loved me too...aah oooh yeah.

I remember the party where I met you.
The music played and we started to dance.
And after we talked, I couldn’t forget you.
Oh, I’m so glad that you gave me a chance.

I’m speaking from the heart, honey girl.
Never want to be apart, honey girl.
Want to make you my own, honey girl.
You’ll never have to be alone, honey girl.
And when you told me that you’d be my bride...aah oooh yeah.

Honey be
Honey be
Honey be my baby.