Album Reviews on Buffablog and Edgar Allan Poets

The first two reviews of my debut album Midlife Crisis Vanity Project are now available on line.  The first comes from Nick Sessanna of Buffalo-based culture blog Buffablog.   He notes that the album is “full of classic rock, jangly pop, and retro song structures that have a wholesome exterior disguising a darker depth within. Expect lots of sardonic wordplay and dark humor from Unca John as he navigates a confusing time in his life through disarming song and dance.”  Well, I don't know about dance…in any event here is the full review:

The second review comes from Chris Mariotti of the band Edgar Allan Poets, who has shown a lot of understanding of my project in his previous reviews of my singles.  His review focuses especially on the lyrics, conjuring a dystopian scenario that could have been taken from the album itself:

“Fifty years from now, when some poor soul unearths this album, they’ll undoubtedly be struck by its uncanny accuracy in portraying a world overrun by AI and robots, a population ensnared by absurd beliefs, and politicians embroiled in a never-ending circus of deceit.” 

As for the music, Chris notes that “Each track is a masterful blend of vintage vibes and contemporary chaos, creating a sonic landscape that is as captivating as it is disconcerting.” 

Here is the full review:

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