Plastic Mag review of new single "Your Opinion"

Today I released my second single “Your Opinion”, a catchy, energetic tune satirizing the MAGA right, and the reviews are pouring in.  First, our friends at UK's Plastic Magazine observe that “the song's musical backbone is propelled by a strong lead guitar riff and a bouncy bass line, creating a grooving sound. Throughout the track, Unca John’s smooth vocals carry clever lyricism, reminiscent of the likes of Elvis Costello.”   They conclude their review as follows:  “Your Opinion” exemplifies Unca John’s ability to use his distinct songwriting style to address relevant and witty social commentary. With his masterful mix of catchy melodies, humorous lyrics, and a touch of retro flair, Unca John delivers an indie rock outing that’s at once fun and thought-provoking."

Read the full review here!

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